Dairy Free Snacks – The Ultimate Round up for your baby with milk allergy

By Hannah Whittaker RD, PGDip | May 16, 2023

Being a mum to a little one with cow’s milk protein allergy can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding dairy free baby snacks. As a mum myself, I understand how important it is to have a variety of dairy-free snacks available for your little one on the go. In this round-up blog post, I’ll be sharing my favourite dairy-free snacks uk and are perfect for babies with cows’ milk protein allergy.

Snacks for babies

When it comes to weaning, every baby is different in their needs and appetite. However, it is generally recommended that babies have frequent snacks in addition to their main meals. This helps them to explore and experiment with different foods, while also keeping their energy levels stable throughout the day and supporting their growth. As for portion sizes, it is best to offer small amounts to begin with, gradually increasing as they become more comfortable with solid foods. It is also important that snacks don’t impact on your babies meals.

Try to opt for snacks that are nutritionally balanced. Options such as fruit or vegetables with hummus dip or avocado are easy to make. You can also try dairy free yogurt – make sure it has added calcium or rice cakes with a small amount of smooth peanut butter. Remember, the important thing is to offer a variety of textures and flavors to encourage healthy eating habits from an early age. However grabbing some premade snacks is fine, if it is occasional. Here are some of my favourite out there at the moment.

Kiddilicious Wafers – Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Banana Flavour from 6 months

Kiddilicious wafers are perfect for babies who are starting to self-feed and explore different tastes and textures. They come in a variety of flavours, including blueberry, strawberry, and banana. These wafers are also free from gluten, fish, egg, soya and nuts and contain no artificial colours or flavours. These wafers are made perfectly for little hands to keep hold of and melt in the mouth so support with your babies developmental stage.

Dairy Free Snacks

Aldi Mamia – Strawberry and Apple Oaty Bars from 12 months

Aldi Mamia has a great range of dairy-free snacks that are perfect for little ones. Their mini biscuits come in two flavours, strawberry and banana, and vanilla. These biscuits are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial colours and preservatives. However their strawberry and apple oaty bars are also a great option for a dairy-free snack on the go. They are made with organic ingredients and contain no added sugar. They also hold their shape really well and are great for little hands to keep hold of on the go.

Dairy free snacks
Dairy Free Snacks

Organix – Raspberry Oaty Bars, Jammy Monsters, Melty Carrot Puffs

Organix is a popular brand for baby snacks, and their dairy-free options are just as delicious. Their raspberry oaty bars are suitable from 12 months and an excellent source of fibre as their website states, ‘contains no junk, we promise’.

You may have heard that Jammy Dodgers are milk free but you’re not too keen on giving your baby a biscuit that is high in sugar and additives, well Organix Jammy Monsters are a great alternative. Jammy monsters are perfect for babies who love fruity snacks and again contain no nasties. The only thing that bothers me a little is the individual packaging. They are suitable from 18 months.

My absolute favourite however is their melty carrot puffs although they can be a little messy and stain clothing, ooops! I love these and think I bought them for myself more than my daughters. They have won a Made for Mums award and I can see why. These are suitable from 6 months.

Dairy Free Snacks
Dairy Free Snacks

Asda – Little Angels Carrot Puffs, Tomato Flavoured Wheels and Pea Puffs

Asda’s Little Angels range also has some great dairy-free options for your little ones. All these dairy free baby snacks are suitable from 6 months. Asda state that their products are made from natural ingredients and contain no added salt or sugar. They are perfect for little hands on the go and have a texture that melts in the mouth. Their tomato-flavoured wheels are perfect for babies who love savoury snacks, and their pea puffs are another great way to introduce your little one to new flavours. All these products are also certified by the vegan society.

Dairy Free Snacks
Dairy Free Snacks
Dairy Free Snacks

Ellas kitchen – strawberry & banana melty puffs, mixed herb munchy fingers and sweetcorn and paprika snacks.

Ellas kitchen has a wide range of dairy-free snacks, however it is important to note that they do state that they ‘May Contain’ milk protein. May contain milk means that the product may have been produced in a factory where milk contained products are made but the item itself doesn’t contain milk.

My favourites are the mixed herbs munchy fingers and strawberry and banana melty puffs. Plus, if you’re like me and enjoy introducing new flavours to your little one to see how their face change their sweetcorn and paprika snack is a must-try.

Just keep in mind that while these snacks are dairy-free, they do state that they may contain milk. Make sure to read the packaging carefully.

Dairy Free Snacks
Dairy Free Snacks

Conclusion – dairy free snacks

It can be challenging to find dairy-free baby snacks, but with the growing market and companies becoming more aware of the need for milk free snack it is becoming easier than ever.

These snack options are just a few of the favourites that I reached for when my girls were younger (I still have the carrot stix now and then). Remember to always read labels and check for allergens before giving your baby any new snack and try to reach for fresh fruit and vegetables and home made snacks were possible.

Check out some of my other recipes via the link below;

Happy snacking!

Hannah x

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