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picture of a black woman pregnant
Five women get real about pooing during birth 

In this article with The METRO I discuss my own personal experience and want to support mums to create positive birth stories by sharing my experience of pooing during birth.  

I’m joined by four other women who bravely agreed to share their own birth stories and experiences of pooing during labour. Whether it was a surprise or something they had anticipated, these inspiring mums reveal why it doesn’t have to be embarrassing and can even be empowering. 

mum and baby breastfeeding
Nobody Ever Talks about how to stop Breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey was far from easy and in HUFF POST I shared my experience as a mum and a dietitian.  

It’s true that women are often encouraged to breastfeed for as long as possible, but sometimes there comes a point when it’s time to stop. I felt defeated, guilty and like I wasn’t doing the best for my baby. 

Media Dietitian
List of the most unusual pregnancy cravings. Expert Dietitian explains the reasons

Wow, pregnancy cravings, I definately had them! From lemon barley water to cherry bakewells I was obsessed. 

In this article in the Sheffield Star I give my expert advice on why we have pregnancy craving  and also list some of the most unusual cravings out there. 


Media Dietitian - Hannah Whittaker
Do we need breastfeeding Vitamins?

In this article with Medical News today I discuss whether we need vitamins when breastfeeding and is it required for all women. We talk about the importance of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iodine when breastfeeding and how requirements for Iodine and Calcium increase when breastfeeding.

Media Dietitian
New year, new you. Expert dietary advice to anyone following veganuary and what body changes might occur.

January is a time for dietary changes and new years resolutions to lose weight, however making any dietary changes can impact the body in some ways you wouldn’t expect. Within the article I discuss some of these changes such as; what causes stomach bloating, food that cause stomach bloating and what causes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Media Dietitian - Hannah Whittaker
Veganism; The importance of balanced nutrition during a Vegan pregnancy and the use of supplementation

My contribution during this podcast includes discussion around plant based pregnancy, what supplements should be taken if following a vegan diet during pregnancy, and how to ensure nutritional balance. We also discuss Vegan diets for children and how pharmacies can support patients with supplementation to support nutritional balance.

Pregnant women can take a break from the fast during Ramadan

During Ramadan Pregnant women are not required to fast. My contribution to this article in the Eastern Eye Online support with dietary advice during Ramadan and a healthy diet in pregnancy.

The depressing proof ‘home cooked’ does NOT make hospital food any easier to stomach | Daily Mail Online

My contribution to this article discussed the nutritional content of some hospital meals and how this can impact on patients recovery. Some larger hospital meals can overface patients and mean that they eat very little. Nutrition is an important part of recovery whilst in hospital.

Swansea Uni investigate whether seaweed could be used to prevent covid

Six off-the shelf items have been found by researchers to play a role in preventing coronavirus infection or helping prevent severe symptoms.

The kids are alright – what supplements do children need to support with good health

Children can experience many ailments throughout childhood but what vitamins does your child need to keep them healthy and is there anything you can do to prevent your child from getting ill. My contribution within this article support with how a balanced diet can support with strong immune system in children.

How to make junk food less tempting to children – BBC Food

When it comes to ‘junk’ food, food packaging with favourite characters like Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank engine and bright colours can draw children to them on the supermarket shelves but how can we make this food less tempting to children. Read the article to find out how and why these foods creep into our childs diets and the impact they can have on their weight.