Hannah Whittaker

Milk Allergy Nutrition Expert

Does your baby have CMPA?

As a milk allergy nutrition expert, I specialise in making sure babies with Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) get the nutrition they need at a hugely important stage of their life.

Whether your baby has officially been diagnosed with a milk allergy, or you’re worried they have a milk allergy but you feel nobody is listening to you, I can support you with evidence based, easy to follow nutritional advice.

Milk Allergy Nutrition Expert
Combination feeding

Take the stress out of weaning with a milk allergy

Cows milk is a staple in most babies’ diets once they start weaning. However, if your little one is allergic to the proteins found in cows milk, alternatives need to be found.

It’s very important that your baby gets the right nutrition at this stage. As a registered dietitian and a specialist in milk allergy nutrition, I can provide nutritional advice for following a milk free diet, including meal plans and plant based dairy alternatives.

I also have some free meal plans available for milk free weaning!

The Milk Ladder

Most infants grow out of a milk allergy eventually and can slowly start to eat dairy again. In our initial consultation, I can advise when to start to re-introduce milk into your child’s diet.

The Milk Ladder is a dairy re-introduction plan recommended by doctors and dietitians, including myself. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step plan, with regular follow-up appointments to check on your little one’s progress.

You’ll be provided with all the tools you need to monitor your baby’s tolerance to the milk protein, but I’ll be on hand to support and guide you through the process.

The Milk Ladder

I contacted Hannah as I needed some support, my baby had a milk allergy and I wasn’t sure whether I should swich to formula. Hannah was great, she supported me with a milk free diet for me and my baby, and I felt that I knew exactly what to do and look for. Hannah is amazing!

– Milk Allergy Mummy

How can a dietitian help?

Dietitians are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals whose nutritional advice is regulated by law. Most dietitians specialise in one or two areas, and mine is in pregnancy and childhood nutrition.

As a milk allergy nutrition expert, I’ll make sure your little one gets a nutritionally complete diet, which is incredibly important at this stage of their development.

I can also advice and support you with any questions you might have about your child’s symptoms, and empower you to make the right decisions about what to feed your little one.


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Milk Allergy Masterclass

If you’re looking for a comprehensive programme of support for your little one, my Milk Allergy Masterclass is for you. Join an understanding network of parents who are going through the same experience as you, and equip yourself with the tools you need to provide the best care for your infant.

My Milk Allergy Masterclass focuses on the following modules:

Module 1

  • Milk Allergy Symptoms
  • Diagnosing Milk Allergy
  • Milk Allergy vs lactose intolerance
  • CMPA and Breastfeeding
  • Hypoallergenic Formula

Module 2

  • Milk free weaning
  • Plant based alternatives
  • Can my baby have soya?
  • Combination feeding
  • Weaning worries

Module 3

  • The Milk Ladder
  • What’s next after formula milk?
  • Portion size for toddlers
  • Fussy eating

Classes run over a 60-90 minute live video call with a 15min Q&A at the end of the session.

Come and join other mums like you who are struggling with understanding a newly diagnosed milk allergy, or are navigating weaning on a milk free diet, or who have questions about the milk ladder. 

You can stay with me for the whole of your CMPA journey or pick one module to join. It’s up to you.

Enter your details below to join the waitlist, and I’ll contact you when I’m next running my Milk Allergy Masterclass.

Milk Allergy Masterclass Waitlist

Any other questions?

I know it can be overwhelming to discover your baby has a milk allergy. If you’re unsure about whether to book a consultation, I offer a free, 15 minute discovery call so that you can ask me any questions you have. Just send me a message and we’ll get it booked in!