Hannah Whittaker

Restrictive Eating Dietitian

Is your child an extreme picky eater?

Do you feel that your child has no interest in food and that mealtimes can become a time of heightened anxiety?

Do you find that your child will only eat certain textures, foods of a certain colour, or only specific brands? They may also only eat a very small variety of foods on rotation (less than 10-15 foods).

Do you feel that your child can go long periods without eating and that they won’t ‘just eat what they are given’.

It may be that your child is experiencing sensory food aversion.

Children who are on the autistic spectrum, have been diagnosed with ADHD and/or OCD are found to be more likely to experience sensory food aversion.

ARFID – Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

ARFID is a newly diagnosed eating disorder and is characterised by:

Avoiding whole food groups

Sensory rules around food based on texture, smell, look

Gagging at the sight of new food

Eating fewer than 10 foods (safe foods)

Nutritional deficiency

Poor growth

How can a dietitian help?

As a registered dietitian with many years of experience in childhood restrictive eating, I can provide you with practical, evidence based techniques that may help to increase the variety in your child’s diet. More importantly, the advice I can provide should help to reduce mealtime anxiety for the whole family.

ARFID is a diagnosis that can only be made by a clinical psychologist, but dietetic support is crucial to ensure nutritional balance.

Working with a restrictive eating dietitian: the goal

As a specialist restrictive eating dietitian, I can assess whether your child is a healthy weight and identify any nutritional deficiences. After this I can recommend dietary modifications to get them on the right track.

I know how tough it can be when your child refuses, or struggles to eat, but I’m here to reassure and empower you with the tools you need to understand your child and their condition.

Through techniques based on the latest scientific research, as well as years of clinical practice, and plenty of personal experience, my aim is to gradually broaden the types of food your child feels comfortable with.

While creating a safe and comforting environment, we’ll change negative thought patterns around food and eating, so that food becomes enjoyable again.

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