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What is CMPA?

CMPA (cow’s milk protein allergy) or milk allergy is the most common allergy in babies. 

As an expert in Milk Allergy, I will make sure your baby gets the support they need. No long wait time, no jargon, but real-life advice and support. 

I can support you with navigating the symptoms of CMPA through evidence-based, easy-to-follow nutritional advice. I’m here to help navigate milk free weaning and can unravel how to reintroduce milk into your baby’s diet. 

Baby with CMPA
Image of CMPA formula milk

Take the stress out of weaning with CMPA

Cows milk is a staple in most babies’ diets once they start weaning. However, if your little one has milk allergy, alternatives need to be found.

Navigating plant-based milk, cheese and yogurts and reading labels can be exhausting, but it’s very important that your baby gets the right nutrition at this stage.

As a registered dietitian and an expert in milk allergy, I can provide nutritional advice for following a milk-free diet, including meal plans and plant-based dairy alternatives.

I also have some free meal plans available for milk-free weaning!

CMPA & The Milk Ladder

The Milk Ladder is generally recommended by most doctors and dietitians to help reintroduce milk back into your babies diet. I’ve got to be honest, this can be a bit confusing can’t it.

But, I can provide you with a step-by-step plan with more information than you could have ever imagined. Recipes, personalised guide, how to track symptoms, I’ve got it all!

My Simple Guide to the Milk Ladder can help to get you started. 

You’ll be provided with all the tools you need to monitor your baby’s tolerance to milk protein, but I’ll also be on hand to support you through the process with guidance specific to your baby. No generic advice or pieces of paper with no explanation.

Image of baby with CMPA being introduced slowly to dairy

I reached out to Hannah after weeks of struggling to cope with my baby’s allergy diagnosis.


Hannah got me booked in for a consultation quickly which was a god send as I was desperate for advice and support with how best to help my baby. Hannah was friendly, understanding and very easy to talk to. She gave me lots of tips and sent over resources for me to read.


Her advice and support was a lifesaver and I felt like it was money very well spent on educating myself with how to deal with my baby’s multiple allergies. Thank you so much Hannah.


I would recommend bump2baby nutrition to anyone wanting support with babies with allergies especially when breastfeeding.

Laura – Mum to Daisy 6 months

How can I help?

As a Dietitian I am one of the only health professionals whose advice is regulated by law. Most dietitians specialise in one or two areas, and mine are CMPA and Plant Based Pregnancy. 

As a Milk Allergy Dietitian, I’ll guide you on the steps to a milk-free nutritionally complete diet, which is incredibly important at this stage of your baby’s development.

I can also advise and support you with any questions you might have about your child’s symptoms, Dairy Free  formula and empower you with knowledge on plant-based alternatives for your little one, including plant-based milk.


My baby has tested negative for CMPA but they're still showing symptoms

CMPA symptoms

Can my baby drink soya milk?

What is the best Dairy Free formula?

When can I start the milk ladder?

How long do Milk Allergy Symptoms last?

My daughter is a triplet and she really struggled with wind, loose, green poo and was sick. The doctors thought she had milk allergy and gave me Neocate formula. She was still being sick and I didn’t think the formula was right for her.


I couldn’t get a dietitian appointment on the NHS. I found Hannah by the Dietitian website and she saw me in a week.


Hannah told me how to do the milk challenge and I found out she didn’t have milk allergy. She’s now much more settled and I’m so grateful for Hannah

Joanne and Amelia

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Any other questions?

I know it can be overwhelming to discover your baby has a milk allergy. If you need support then get in touch below. You can book straight away or contact me for more information.  

I first contacted Hannah when my daughter was 5 months old.
I had two older boys already and thought I knew it all. But A was different.


She needed tongue tie management and after advice went dairy free. I was worried about weaning A without dairy, and I didn’t enjoy being dairy free myself.


Hannah was the support that I needed. She listened, she acknowledged my worries and she didn’t judge. She is super knowledgeable, explains everything well and follows up the progress. And above all, she is kind, funny and really put my mind at ease.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Hannah for any parent with questions about CMPA.

Franziska & A

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