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Plant Based Pregnancy Dietitian

For Healthier, Happier mums and babies

Whether this is your first time or your fourth, you might be feeling a little worried about your nutrition. 

When I started supporting vegan and plant-based mums during pregnancy, I noticed very little information out there. Most pregnancy advice talks about animal and meat products.

Health professionals are often worried and panic when you say you are following a plant-based pregnancy. Did you feel that?

Don’t worry, I’m here for you to ensure that you have the correct nutrition for you and your baby. 

Whether you’re pregnant or planning pregnancy I’m here for you. 

Pregnancy Dietitian

“Would highly recommend! Feel much more knowledgeable and empowered about nutrition and supplementation after meeting Hannah. Hannah is also super open and easy to talk to. We felt really supported during the session and in the post-session emails. Hannah answered all my questions very thoroughly and diligently,”

Alice – Vegan mum to be 

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 Supporting you throughout your pregnancy

From my own experience of pregnancy, I understand how overwhelming it can be when you’re bombarded with advice from friends, family, pregnancy books, and the internet. I’ve also experienced the mum-to-be guilt of wondering if I’m eating the right things for myself and my baby.

I also understand how people can be quick to question if you are following a plant-based diet in pregnancy. 

The truth is, It’s your choice and no one should stop you!

Through in-depth consultation, I can offer practical and tailored dietary advice to support you put your mind at ease, and answer any questions you might have, such as:

“Do I need to take a B12 supplement while pregnant?”

“Can I meet my iodine levels through vegan food?”

“What’s the best plant-based milk?”

“Where can I get a vegan omega-3 supplement?”

“Is pregnancy sickness normal?”

“Does my baby need a supplement?”

As a registered dietitian and an expert in plant based pregnancy, I only provide evidence-based advice, backed up by the latest research. You can trust me to support you with advice that is simple and easy to follow.

How can I support you?

Pregnancy is a huge change for your body to go through, and as I’ve experienced, health professionals can be scared of women following plant-based diets or a vegan pregnancy. I have also heard of mums being told that eating meat is the only way to have a healthy pregnancy or that they can’t bring their children up to be vegan as it is ‘bad for them!”

I’m here to dispel these ridiculous myths and give you expert support at this important time.  

Cravings and pregnancy sickness

Advice on Vegan Pregnancy Vitamins

Discuss important nutrient for you and your baby

Busting Vegan food Myths in Pregnancy

Registered dietitians are required by law to provide scientifically-backed advice, so you can be sure you’re getting the best guidance from me.

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I can support you at any stage of your pregnancy, whether you’re still in the planning stages or a few weeks away from giving birth. You book straight away by clicking the link below or if you have any questions then just send me a message first.