Milk Ladder Cheat Sheet

The milk ladder can be really confusing so I have produced my milk ladder cheat sheet to help you progress easily. This FREE download also includes a copy of the IMAP MILK LADDER

This easy to read guide gives you a ‘day by day’ plan on how to move up the milk ladder.

I have written this daily planner to support mums just like you to make starting and progressing up the milk ladder easy. No worries, just straight forward and easy to read advice.

Milk Ladder Blog

If you haven’t done so already, have a look at my milk ladder blog which can support with commonly asked questions. I give you easy to read advice and answers from mums just like you.

Milk Allergy Food Diary

Also, check out my milk ladder food diary which goes perfectly with my cheat sheet/

All these freebies can support you with the reintroduction of cow’s milk protein into your baby’s diet

Plant based milk

Now you’re progressing up the milk ladder, you’ll also probably be wondering what plant based milk your baby can have. You’ll definitely want to check out my blog on plant-based milk options for toddlers. In this comprehensive resource, I delve into the world of plant-based milk alternatives and provide valuable insights and tips specifically for little ones.

From exploring the nutritional benefits of various plant-based milks to navigating the different options available in the market, I’ve got you covered. I’ll explain all about what you should be looking for.

Hannah x

P.S – I would always recommend that you read my blog prior to starting the milk ladder as it provides information on how to progress and what to do if your baby has a reaction.

Hannah Whittaker Dietitian Bump2baby Nutrition
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Hannah is an Expert Registered Dietitian specialising in Vegan Family Nutrition and Cows Milk Protein Allergy. 

She is a respected figure in the field of nutrition and a captivating speaker and sought after media spokesperson being featured in esteemed publications including the Sunday Times, Independent and Huffington Post.


  • Registered Dietitian
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Milk Ladder Food Diary

Milk Ladder Food Diary

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